New articles by IAP Professor Benjamin Huybrechts in "Organization Studies", "Entrepreneurship & Regional Development" and "Local Environment"

Three new articles co-authored by IAP Professor Benjamin Huybrechts have recently been published.

The first one, co-written with Helen Haugh (University of Cambridge), has been published in Organization Studies. It is entitled: "The Roles of Networks in Institutionalizing New Hybrid Organizational Forms: Insights from the European Renewable Energy Cooperative Network".

The second one is co-signed by Alex Nicholls (University of Oxford) and Katarina Edinger and has been published in Entrepreneurship & Regional Development. It is entitled: "Sacred alliance or pact with the devil? How and why social enterprises collaborate with mainstream businesses in the fair trade sector".

The third one, entitled "How inclusive is inclusive recycling? Recyclers’ perspectives on a cross-sector partnership in Santiago de Chile", is co-authored by Michela Giovannini (former IAP post-doc researcher and ICSEM Research Partner) and has been published in Local Environment