Tribute to ICSEM Research Partner Éva G. Fekete and new ICSEM WPs available on-line: Hungary and Italy

In April 2017, Prof. dr. Éva G. Fekete, ICSEM Research Partner in Hungary, passed away. Prof. G. Fekete was a respected and recognized researcher and practitioner of Hungarian rural development, a professor at the University of Miskolc and former head of the Northern Hungarian Department of the Centre of Regional Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Throughout her work, Éva stood for the advocacy of the socially and spatially marginalized. We hereby want to express our condolences to Éva’s relatives and to the Hungarian team.

The Hungarian Working Paper, by Éva G. Fekete, László Hubai, Julianna Kiss and Melinda Mihály, has just been published. It is entitled “Social Enterprise in Hungary”. We hope it will be a modest tribute to Éva’s work and capacity to support and work with young researchers.

The Italian Working Paper has also just been published. This WP, by ICSEM Research Partners Carlo Borzaga, Simone Poledrini and Giulia Galera, is entitled “Social Enterprise in Italy: Typology, Diffusion and Characteristics”.

All the WPs in this series are available on-line on the SOCENT/ICSEM website, and they will also of course all be on display on the ICSEM stand in Louvain-la-Neuve next week.