2nd Latin American ICSEM Symposium

2nd Latin American ICSEM Symposium

The 2nd Latin American ICSEM Symposium took place in Florianópolis (Brazil) on December 15-18, 2016. It was hosted by ICSEM Brazilian partner Luiz Inácio Gaiger (Unisinos) and his team. The meeting brought together participants from Argentina (Gonzalo Vázquez), Bolivia (Fernanda Wanderley), Brazil (Luiz Inácio Gaiger, Adriane Ferrarini, Marília Veronese, Paulo Cruz Filho, Kellen Pasqualeto, Gustavo Oliveira), Chile (Nicolás Gómez, Michela Giovannini), Ecuador (María José Ruiz), Mexico (Carola Conde) and Peru (María Angela Prialé, Susy Caballero) as well as Marthe Nyssens, one of the Project’s Scientific Coordinators.

The Symposium directly followed the 5th Unisinos Symposium, “Desigualdades, Direitos e Políticas Públicas – Protagonismos e Alternativoas” / 1st RILESS-EMES International Conference, “Economia Solidária e Empresas Sociais, organized in São Leopoldo (Brazil) on December 12-14, 2016. Many participants in the ICSEM meeting also took an active part in this conference.

The major goal of the ICSEM Symposium was to prepare a book, to be published by Routledge, about “Social Enterprise in Latin America”. With a view to adapting the ICSEM Working Papers for the book, an original process of discussion was implemented, within which each contribution was discussed by another national team, thus enhancing cross-fertilization of ideas for the country chapters. In a second step, the participants worked in subgroups on the transversal chapters.

This very productive meeting concluded with a walk in the mountains along the seaside to discover the wonderful setting in which the meeting took place.

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