4th IAP-Day

4th IAP-Day

The fourth "IAP-Day" took place at CERMi, ULB on May 19, 2014.

The programme of the day was divided into two main parts.

During the morning, various presentations were made by SOCENT researchers around a common theme: "From common goods to social banking: sharing theories and field analyses":

A transversal discussion closed the morning's programme.

The afternoon session aimed to stimulate collaboration among SOCENT researchers through sharing theories, methods and/or data.

After a short introduction, researchers were divided into two main sub-groups: one on quantitative methods, and one on qualitative methods. After two short presentations in each sub-group illustrating the diversity of methods (by Donatienne Desmette and Tim Vantilborgh in the "quantitative" sub-group, and by Charlotte Moreau and Marek Hudon in the "qualitative" sub-group), a speed-meeting session was organised. In order to prepare this session, SOCENT researchers were invited to fill in a "Research Project ID Form" describing very briefly their research project(s)--a "research project" being understood here as a part of a thesis, a chapter, an article,...--and their needs (advice or collaboration). On this basis, each researcher was then offered several meeting opportunities with two or three researchers to talk about either how to reinforce the proponent's project, or how to engage in a co-writing process.