Book chapter by SOCENT researcher Frédéric Dufays, published in “Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation”, now available on-line

Embeddedness as a facilitator of sustainable entrepreneurship”, by SOCENT researcher Frédéric Dufays, has been published in Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, edited by Nicolopoulou, Karataş-Özkan, Janssen and Jermier and published by Routledge. The chapter is available on the SOCENT website in its pre-print version.

Abstract: This conceptual paper makes the case for a strong embeddedness at all stages of sustainable entrepreneurship—opportunity identification and/or creation, evaluation, and exploitation. This strong embeddedness is argued to drive entrepreneurs towards sustainability through the set-up of long-term social contracts with multiple stakeholders. Building upon extant literature on sustainable, social, and environmental entrepreneurship and the framework of stakeholder theory, as well as the embeddedness argument, a model is developed and propositions are suggested. Theoretical and practical implications are derived from these propositions.