Two new ICSEM WPs available on-line: Chile and Spain

Two new Working Papers have been added to the ICSEM WP series.

The first one, by ICSEM Research Partners Michela Giovannini and Pablo Nachar, is entitled “Social Enterprise in Chile: Concepts, Historical Trajectories, Trends and Characteristics”.

The second one, by ICSEM Research Partners Millán Díaz-Foncea, Carmen Marcuello, Chaime Marcuello, Marta Solorzano, Julio Navío, Carmen Guzmán, María de la O Barroso, María José Rodríguez, Francisco Javier Santos, Ramón Fisac, Pilar Alguacil, Rafael Chaves, Teresa Savall and Esther Villajos, is entitled “Social Enterprise in Spain: A Diversity of Roots and a Proposal of Models”.

All the WPs in this series are available on-line on the SOCENT/ICSEM website.