ICSEM Talk Israel

ICSEM Talk Israel

The School of Business Administration at the College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) in Rishon Le'Zion (Israel) hosted a conference on “Social Enterprises in an International and Israeli Perspectives”. The conference, which was part of the series of ICSEM Local Talks, was organized by ICSEM Research Partners in Israel, Professor Benjamin Gidron and his team, on June 9, 2015.

Over 100 participants attended this research conference on social enterprise, the first of its kind ever organized in an academic institution in Israel.

The preliminary findings of the ICSEM Project, from a global and an Israeli perspectives, were at the centre of the conference, which dealt inter alia with the following issues: Are social enterprises, in their many configurations, a developing phenomenon in the world today? Where and in what shapes? What are the policies towards it in different countries? What is the picture in Israel?

The conference also dealt with the issue of evaluation of the activities of social enterprises and it provided a stage for young Israeli researchers who study that domain to present their studies and their findings.

Jacques Defourny, one of ICSEM Scientific Coordinators, held the keynote address on “Social Enterprise Dynamics and Patterns: An International Comparative Perspective”. ICSEM Research Partners in Israel were of course actively involved in the conference: The discussant of the keynote address was Pr Benjamin Gidron, while the preliminary findings of the ICSEM Project in Israel were presented by Inbal Abbou, Noga Buber-Ben David, Yael Greenberg, Aya Navon and Yifat Reuveni.

To download the programme of the Conference, click here.