Thematic Lines (TL)

Thematic Lines (TL)

The whole SOCENT research programme was structured around six main Thematic Lines (TLs).

These Thematic Lines are used as a basis throughout this website to organise information. Each Thematic Line corresponds to an icon and a colour (see the "Thematic Lines legend" in the footer of all webpages), and the latter are used to identify all pieces of information related to this TL - be it a news item, a publication, the research area of a researcher...

The six Thematic Lines (TL) are the following:

Thematic Line 1: Social innovation and social opportunities

Thematic Line 2: Financing social enterprise

Thematic Line 3: Employment and human resource management

 Thematic Line 4: Governance in social enterprises

 Thematic Line 5: Social enterprise models and institutionalisation processes / ICSEM

 Thematic Line 6: Integration of findings and theoretical contributions

When pieces of information relate to more than one Thematic Line, they are referred to as "Transversal" and marked with the following icon: